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Dec. 9, 2013

"We found this beautiful tree in Karlskrona"
Hej Everyone!

This week was another good week and I thought a few exciting things happen!  The major event of the week was our zone training in Helsingborg on Thursday.  We had to get up at 5 to catch a 5:50 train to Helsingborg and got there a little after 9:15, so that was exciting.  We had a nice little zone training and I liked the lesson the zone leaders taught.  After that President Newell was going to interview everyone there (they like to interview people as frequently as possible).  So we all basically sat around and waited for our turns and the interviews were going really long.  While we waited I was able to go to Ikea with another missionary and get some of the good Ikea food haha. Anyway basically all the sisters in the zone were able to get interviewed and then go home.  However there was a storm that was coming so after our interviews were done it was too late and the storm had shut down all the trains.  So we had to sleep at the zone leaders apartment with the Kristianstad and Halmstad elders.  It sucked because we had no change of clothes or anything.  Anyway so the next day, Friday, we kept trying and trying to catch trains and we thought there would be one leaving in about 2 hours so we took a little walk around the city and the water was really choppy out in the ocean (Helsingborg is a coastal city, right by Denmark) and the wind was probably the windiest I have ever been in but still just wind.  When we got back to the train station all the trains were canceled until Saturday morning.  So we had to spend one more night in the zone leaders apartment and then Saturday afternoon we were finally able to leave.  Friday night it snowed (finally!) and that evening one of the zone leaders and I went down to the beach and got some awesome pictures of the storm and of Helsingborg.  I will send them to you guys!  They look a lot crazier than it was and literally the rest of the city was perfectly fine.  "Stormen Sven" (the storm Sven) was a big problem to us missionaries hahaha!  
"Stormen Sven" in Helsingborg, thats the Baltic Sea coming up on the road.
The other exciting thing that happened this week was my interview with President Newell.  He again told me that I will for sure be leaving Karlskrona, however during the week he called me and was wondering about my French and how many years I took and stuff for what he said was information for transfers and stuff.  So I started to read the Book of Mormon in French this week to sort of catch up on my French.  Anyway during the interview he was asking me questions in French and then basically told me to keep reading the Book of Mormon in French and to keep focusing on Karlskrona until the day I leave and that he will still be calling me for transfer information to verify everything.  

It is always so great to hear from you all.  I love hearing about all of your weeks and glad that this week had some fun highlights.  Dad, it was really cool to understand nearly all of your letter in Swedish.  There were a few words that I didn't know but it was still cool to see my progress with the language.  I am not sure how well google translate is because I am not perfect with the grammar yet but I think it gets it right usually.  

The weather here has been a little colder and it finally snowed! Yay!  It was snowing a ton at church and then Sunday evening it turned to rain :( so there is basically no snow left.  I think I have all the clothing I need for the winter.  I have a great winter coat and my hat and gloves are great.  Only my feet got a little cold this week so I have started wearing wool socks :)  I will certainly let you know if I need anything.  Thanks for being the great parents you are and caring for me.

I don't know any Sister Richins but I will ask around and see if anyone knows her.  That is really cool that she is here too!  I think it is awesome all the people you are finding that connect to Sweden!

Dad and Jake that sounds like a pretty cool hike you went on this week!  Except that you got all wet and cold!  And we will have to go snowshoeing and camping in the Uintah's when I get back!  That sounds so fun!

That is nice to hear that the ward is so supportive of me and that Bishop England thinks highly of me.  We have such a nice ward!  That is fun that you got to help the young men with the giving away presents thing!  I'm glad that the families who it helped enjoyed it!  Oh and so great that Abby gave a great talk!  In her email she made it sound like it wasn't that great but longer than 2 minutes haha.  I will have to tell her that it was awesome!  And here in Sweden I am trying to be a better public speaker.  I think speaking in another language is definitely helping, that means giving one in English won't be so bad!  

I love that mormon message with Elder Nelson.  I saw it in the MTC and it is just such a great one and so true that we need not be afraid, especially of death.  I also love that line about not needing to reach perfection in this life but trying to reach it!

That is great that the Jazz are better now that Trey is playing!  I can't wait to watch them when I get home!  And that sounds like a pretty cool bowl game, Michigan vs. Kansas State!  And hopefully Stanford will trash Sparty in the Rose Bowl!  Also I am surprised to hear that Missouri and Duke both went to their conference championship games!  I don't think that has ever happened in Duke's history and Missouri was only 5-7 last year and no one really expected more this year!  It sounds like the Aggies will have a tough game against N. Illinois!  But that is awesome that they nearly beat Fresno and won the Mtn, west!  Sick!  I will have to put the Lions game on my watch when I get home list!  How is Reggie Bush doing and Megatron and Stafford?  Lastly, good to hear that Ohio lost :)

Our lesson with the family from Albania fell through and they won't be able to meet for a while because the husband is really busy now.  Peter, a nice guy who wasn't really investigating but liked to come to church to try his faith is leaving to Italy to become a monk, but I hope that one day either in this life or the next that he accepts the message of the gospel.  He is a great guy.

It was cool to see Denmark!  I would love to go there soon!  I recently figured out which countries I am from with percentages and everything and I am 50% English, 12.5% Swiss,~12% Danish, 10% Swedish and those are the big ones!  I also found a cool story about an ancestor from Denmark.  It is really cool to see some of our Danish ancestors were brought the gospel by Erastus Snow, another ancestor, just on my other side!  I don't know if you guys know this but Erastus Snow one of the early apostles in the church, who we are directly related to, opened up missionary work in all of Scandinavia which (obviously) includes Sweden!  

That is so nice that Elder Allsop sent you guys that letter.  I will have to tell him thanks so much.  He is a great guy.

That is fun that Christmas decorations and preparations are going on!  I sent you guys a package this week so I hope you get it before Christmas!  Make sure to open it before because there is something in there that might be nice to have before Christmas :)  Oh and I have received 2 packages from you and am they look exciting!!  And I have been loving the advent calendar that you guys sent :)

That is great that Abby's doing great and going to another dance and is half way done with her lab!  The time is flying by for me! hahaha

Also, I hope Jake is still enjoying basketball and school and his foods class hahaha.  I am glad that he is always so happy to help with everything though!  What a stud!

I am glad that Estee is still doing great even if she is a little sassy hahaha.  At least she is on Mom's side always! I miss and love all my wonderful and awesome siblings!

I love and miss you all so much and you are all in my prayers!  I just remembered that we need to set a time to talk on Christmas!  We can use Skype so I can see all of your faces!  What time would be good do you guys think?  I won't be in this area for Christmas so it is a little hard to figure out everything now but they want us to get all the plans set up :)  I love you all!


Äldste Ward

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