Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 2


Things are great and now going even faster than they were before, which is awesome because I feel like I am ready to go to Sweden today! The language is just sticking which is awesome and I can have conversations in nearly all Swedish and understand most of the time what is being said and now I feel like I'm ready to be immersed completely by going to Sweden :)  I'm probably not ready but its all right, Haha.   Its so great how much I have been learning! It is absolutely amazing how things that you've studied once just stick, i honestly cannot believe it.  Example: I've studied the numbers once and i can pretty much remember all of them!  ett, tvo, tre, fyra, fem, sex, tju, otta, nio, tio, olva, tolv, tretton, fyrtten, femten, sexten, sjuten...I can just remember things and it has been such a blessing!

I have not been able to go to the temple because it is still closed and will be closed until August 11th so I will probably be able to go once before I leave, but I am excited to go and hope I can remember everything! 

My companion is great, our relationship is a positive one and we don't have any problems! My teachers are all awesome guys, all served in Sweden somewhat recently (within the past 2 years) 

I know Elder Hansen very well! (he is the one who rooms with me in my district and did a year at Utah last year after graduating from Highland) and I found out he lives in the same ward and down the street from Dr. Orlandi from Dad's work!! Small world! I also think I know of Elder Johnson but he's in the other district that's going to Sweden.  I am going to try to send pictures, but the MTC computers are pretty locked up so might be slightly difficult to load them on, but I did get your SD card you sent me so thanks a bunch for that!  

Sunday night we watched a talk from Elder Bednar titled The Character of Christ which was filmed a few years ago on a Christmas in the MTC where he spoke.  It was an amazing talk about what Christ does that makes him so much better than the natural man.  Also, last Tuesday night we had a great talk from President Hinckley's son, which was great and fun to hear.

Thanks so much for all the packages you have sent me!  And the letters too!!  My district and I are still trying to finish the cinnamon rolls you sent!  They were delicious, what a nice surprise!  I loved hearing that you're reading Harry Potter as a family.  We talk a lot about movies and books in our room and so I actually have thought about the great memories I have of reading those fun books as a family. Also, thanks so much for the stamps! greatly appreciated!  Say hi to my fun cousins for me!

I miss my whole family so much and just love them all so much as well.  :)  You are in my prayers and keep me updated on what is going on with everyone because I love to hear about it!  I hope Jake had a great time at camp and is loving the summer.  I hope Estee is still being the cute little girl she always is and is doing her kumon and swimming lessons with glee! I'm sure Abby is going to ace her final for her lab today or already aced it because she is so smart and wonderful.  I hope dad is enjoying work and I'm sure/i know he is working very hard as usual.  Mother, I wish you best on controlling my crazy siblings!

I love you!

Love,Aldste Ward

I was so happy to get this picture of Andy in the MTC!  Another Sweden Missionary mom (of course a sister missionary) posted it on Facebook and I was overjoyed to see him.  I have been dying for a picture!!

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