Sunday, August 4, 2013

He's a DL in the MTC

Thanks for the email! That sounds like you have all had a fun week!  Hopefully you will all have another fun week with Abby and Estee´s birthdays! Make sure to tell them happy birthday for me!  And no, I don´t need anymore treats! We have buffets for all our meals so the treats are always slow to be eaten here and always given away.  
This week I wrote down a list of things to email you about that I wanted to tell you!  The first thing is that we do a service assignment every P-day morning and last p-day and actually this p-day as well we got to put up the international flags around the MTC entrances! We like to make the putting up of the Swedish flag a little ceremonial.  It was a super cool job to do and I just wanted to brag to all of you that I got to do that twice!!  
I also want to tell you that I feel like everything at the MTC is improved, memorization is easy--nearly everything just sticks! But also athletics and musical and other abilities feel improved as well.  It's pretty neat! 
What can you tell me about the train accident in Spain with the missionary? 
If anyone feels up to it then that person should research and find out who the youngest missionary was to Sweden.  I was just thinking that I must be one of the youngest to go in likely a long time! Anyway I think that would be cool to know :). 
Who of my ancestry is from Sweden?  Thanks :). 
Someone gave a talk this week and said that knowing the conversion stories of your ancestors would be really neat so if anyone is up to this task as well that would be awesome to know at least a few :). 
I was actually called as district leader! So my first day was yesterday and things have been good so far.  Haha. I'm excited to have that role :)

I will try to send some pictures today!  Love you all and miss you and am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful and loving family.  Have a great week celebrating birthdays and hopefully my letters to Abby and Estee get there in time!  Thanks for everything that you do for me and for the prayers! I know Heavenly Father is blessing me so much and because of that I've adapted great.  Miss you!
Aldste Ward
I just remembered that I only once saw Sarah's sister as she was only in the MTC for 10 days, but she took a class with Sister Dawson at Utah! I've learned it's a small world here at the MTC as at least half the people you talk to you can usually find a connection with!  Oh and last week Andrew Merkley got here and so I've actually seen him a lot and then a few times a friend from Alta that got here last Wednesday!  So it's been good to see people :)
Message to Estee Ward: Love you so much!! and you are still my favorite six year old ever! But soon you'll be my favorite seven year old!! :) ;)

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