Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Dear Family,

Thanks for all your words of encouragement!  Also thanks for all the stories of home and such!  It's a blast to hear about how everything is and all the success everyone is having!  Abby congrats on getting your license and doing well with your class!  Also thanks for writing me a letter :)  Thank you everyone for all your wonderful letters!  I love reading them :) Dad thanks so much for all the sporting news and having the top 25 poll is like having the like the big secret in the residence halls.  Last night I told someone that you had sent me it and he was like oh you have it?!  It's like I'm running some secret organization hahaha.  But really thank you all for everything and writing to me consistently :)
So on my list to talk to you about this week is to first say that sadly we did not get to hang the international flags up this morning :(  We had to vacuum rooms with "ghostbuster" vacuums.
Thanks so much for being willing to take the time to find out all the conversion and missionary history too!
This week after one of our lessons our teacher (who pretends to be our investigators) told us that our parents would be so proud to see us speaking and teaching in Swedish :) so i thought I would tell you about that so you can be proud of me for a little bit :)
This week I exposed more of my college football knowledge upon my district and found out that my companion, when he lived in Washington, went to middle and high school with Austin Seferian-Jenkins! Please tell Jake Fisher when you see him because he will actually know who Seferian-Jenkins is and probably think it is cool :) (just so you know a few years ago Austin Seferian-Jenkins was the top rated TE coming out of high school in Washington and chose to play for Washington.  He has continued being a great TE and will go play pro and should be drafted soon)
I also learned a fun Swedish word this week.  It translates to mean "the disputations" that sounds like a title to a fancy book but the word is just 24 letters long: meningsskiljaktigheterna.  I hope there are no meningsskiljaktigheter (disputations)  at our house this week :)
While we are in the MTC we get to do this thing where we talk with members who know Swedish and give a lesson.  Basically it's home teaching, but in Swedish.  It's usually people here in Utah, but this week we got to skype and talk to members in Sweden!  The first guy named Nicholas we taught said he lived near Malmo and I knew that the missionary who mom met in Walmart, and she bought groceries for, was from Lund, which is close to Malmo!  I told him the story and he said that he knew a missionary in that area and it's probably the same guy!  It's cool how the church makes the world so small :)  The second guy I also really liked talking to!  He was from a place near Stockholm and I found out he likes house music and is a DJ!  I thought that was super cool and then we kept talking and I asked him if he liked Swedish House Mafia and he takes his webcam thing and shows us a shirt that was the name of one of their popular songs hanging up in his room!  He said he likes Calvin Harris and Skrillex and David Guetta and has seen them all in concert like 3-4 times.  I told him I was jealous and when I am close to Stockholm we will have to talk more about that music.  Hopefully most Swedes like the Swedish House Mafia, because I think it's great. 
It has been a pretty good week and I love to talk to you all and tell you how things are going :) and I love to hear everything that happens at home.  Tell Estee I am so jealous of her slide and for my next birthday party I want a slide just like that and a big party!  That looks like it was so fun for all those kids! 
Love you all and miss you!! Keep up the good work :)
Äldste Ward

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