Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16, 2013

Dear Family,

First of all happy anniversary mom and dad!  That is a really cool event!  Sweden is great!  It was a little cooler this week and fall is definitely coming.  There are quite a few leaves that are falling and changing colors.  

That really nice guy who took us out to breakfast is named Rich.  He is an American actually and is just such a great and nice guy.  All the missionaries who have met him say that you can just relax when you're around him because he is this awesome guy that sounds American and you just feel right at home.  I would agree with that! 

So to answer what sort of work we mostly do we mostly just teach lessons and think of ways to strengthen the ward and the less actives in the ward.  We don't do a ton of contacting because we usually have lessons planned with investigators and such!  And no we don't have facebook pages or twitter or anything.  I have heard that the start of next year is when we will start using that stuff but I have not heard anything else so we'll see (just fyi I have heard several missions in the states have been testing out ipads and facebook so I'm sure it's coming soon).

That sounds like a busy, but fun week you all had!  And that huge left tackle from Brighton who is committed to Utah I know and we were in the same group for a dance together.  He actually lives in our Stake just down the street from the church.  That is sweet that Brighton is playing so well this year!  The Michigan game sounds like a tight one! That's not too great we almost lost to Akron...Too bad for the Utes too.  They need to get their offense fixed up!  Great for the Aggies though.  That would be sweet if they crushed USC in LA next week.  Kiffin would probably be fired or in a lot of trouble! I will absolutely keep the prophets team in my prayers this week :)  Thanks so much for the sports news :)

Thanks for all the motivational words, they really help at times! 

I have been eating well lately!  I am always well fed.  It is a nice deal me and Elder Allsop have, since I haven't cooked much and he likes to cook he usually cooks and I just do the dishes.  I like how it has gone lately.  Peter Lambson played for the baptism and for our fireside-music night last night.  It is great to hear him play and talk with him!

I am so glad Abby had fun playing powderpuff football and that you all were able to watch!  Way to go Abby! Estee, what did you do for MAD SCIENCE?!  that sounds so fun!  Jake how is basketball? Did our little bit of practice over the summer help? Hope it was fun.  Abby that is also cool you got to be with the French club for the burning of the B! Cool!  And Jake congrats on running your cross country race!  Way to be awesome and try out a new thing!  I hope you get to really like that. 

It is great to hear Abby had a blast going to homecoming!  That sounds like it was so much fun even though your chemistry lab earlier shortened your paintball time!  You looked so cute in your picture!  That sounds like a fun Saturday for everyone though! And glad to hear Sunday was also nice.  Hopefully your drive was fun :) even though I wasn't there.

And mom sorry to scare you if I did with the gun stuff!  I know I will be fine and I follow promptings I get from the Holy Ghost, you don't need to worry :)  I love all those pictures you sent!  Looks like everyone is still having fun! 

Now for a little about my week, I kinda liked going through each day like I did last email so I think I will do that again!

Tuesday- Well Tuesday was my 2-month mission mark!  It is crazy to think it has already been that long!  Wow! Anyway on Tuesday we had to go to like a public building to apply for my personnummer which is like your Swedish social security number, so that should be coming in the mail in 2-3 weeks.  

Wednesday- We went to go have a lesson with Ludvig at the library in the part of town closest to his house, and that went pretty good.  I remember having a difficult time understanding anything he was saying :/ Then we had lunch, and we didn't pack one so we went to the grocery store and picked some stuff to eat and I had an apple, a baguette, 3 donuts and a diet coke :) It was seriously a very delicious lunch.  We met a guy who was labeled in the phone as Richie (crazy) so we were a little worried at first but he was a normal guy and I think he could be a really postive investigator so we're hoping the best for him.  After we went to another part of town to teach Kevin, a guy we met on the street last week, and we taught about the Book of Mormon and gave him one because when we first met him we both had already given out the Book of Mormons we took with us!  Anyway that went great and he seems really postive too actually.  After that we ran and did a baptismal interview in the neighboring area (well Allsop did because he is the district leader) and it went well.  And I almost forgot on the way to meet Kevin we met this crazy guy who only had two teeth and was just making noise when he talked.  It was so hard to understand his swedish and I think he might have been drunk.  in the middle of the conversation he said "Kan du engelska?" which means "do you know english?" and we were like yes and then he just says "hiiiiiiiiiiiii" so that was pretty funny to meet him!

Thursday- We had district meeting and actually the assistants to the president were in the area so they came and they are super cool guys so it was fun.  We went to Mossen's afterwards :) We later had a lesson with an investigator named John (who plays a swedish instrument in the mall called the nickelharp, you guys should look up what it is, I think it's like a fancy violin or something).  And then we went by some inactives and taught them lessons.  

Friday-  Utby (the neighboring area) had a baptism today and it was pretty fun to go to.  The lady being baptized didn't want a lot of people there so there were 8 total people there and 4 were missionaries and they forgot to tell her to bring a towel and they also forgot to bring any snacks or anything haha so that was funny.  

Saturday- Our Elder's Quorum President, Rich, took us out to McDonalds :) and it was one of the few places in Sweden where they have free refills so we each drank like a 2 liter of coke at like 8:30 in the morning haha. but it was good, so nice for him to do that! 

Sunday-  I had some extra free time in the morning so I was flipping through the Arabic book of mormon we have and figured out how to write numbers in Arabic.  Very interesting stuff.  That is a crazy language!  Church was good and then after we had dinner with a family in the ward named the Johansson's and they have their oldest son in Greece right now serving a mission and so they understand how you guys feel!  The mom said to tell you hi for her.  After that we rushed over to the church for the music night we were having.  It was organized by our ward mission leaders and there were a ton of musical numbers and a few really spirtiual video clips.  It was all focused on Christ and it was so spiritual.  It was really good for everyone that came and a few less actives were able to come and some members brought a few friends as well.  It was really great!  Äldste Lambson played a song on his violin with a sister who they had the same violin teacher at home and at Utah state and sang a song while she played the violin.  

Today- The Trollhätten elders stayed over last night because they like to hang out with us because Allsop and Elder Faylor were MTC comps and are great friends.  Me and Elder Faylor's trainee, Elder Peterson talk a lot while they are here.  In the morning we all had banana boats which were so good, those are where you cut out like a cut of the banana and then fill it with chocolate and marshmallows and roast it all and it is so good. After we went shopping for some clothes and stuff and I finally bought a backpack.  It looks really cool and it is actually an adidas backpack, cool enough.

 I love to hear from all of you. I love you all so much and miss you and just know that things are going great!  Love you and keep being great!


Äldste Ward

PS A few good chapters to read this week would be Alma 5 and 7!  They are pretty great!
Elder Allsop and Elder Ward and McDonalds enjoying those free refills.

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