Monday, September 23, 2013

September 8, 2013

Hey family, well my whole email just got deleted so I'm a little upset at the computer right now ha.  But basically thanks for all your emails and pictures.  I loved them and it was great to hear about everyone.  

Ok quick run down of the week :)

Last p-day we were going to go to Ikea with a member but instead we went with few other missionaries to get kebab pizza :) and then we played volleyball in the church!  I got to see Lambson for the first time since coming to Sweden and it was really fun to meet up.

Tuesday we went by some less actives and a recent convert and did some good contacting and handed out a few copies of the Book of Mormon and taught a lesson on the street.  We also got to play volleyball again with the YSA's (like the singles ward of the stake, but they all live too far so they have YSA activities) and an investigator from Nigeria.  

Wednesday- I got a package from the Guthries and Holmsteads.  It was really really nice and they sent me a bunch of letters and a tie and some corn nuts.  It was great to hear from them and all the nice things they had to say!  It was great to get and so that was exciting.  We also met with an investigator who gave us these weird blank books for people to write in that are just blank.  Before Institute we met with Petter our investigator who we wanted to be baptized on Saturday.  We had a talk with him, thankfully in English, and tried to address his concerns of why Saturday might be too early for him to be baptized.  We had him pray and then there was a lot of silence, but at the end he said another prayer where he thanked Heavenly Father for this sign and then said so what time?  It was pretty cool and he was actually baptized in a lake by my companion for a YSA activity up in the woods kinda somewhere.  Institute was great and there was a senior missionary couple that came there last night.  They are really nice and are named the Oscarsons and will probably friend request you guys on facebook.

Thursday after our zone meeting we all went and got pizza kebab for lunch again and then went to go drop the other missionary's off at the train station.  While we were there we met some tourists who were members in Utah!  So that was neat.  For dinner we had some brazilian food from a family where the mom is from Brazil!  It was good :)

Friday we made some cookies for the baptism and then that night for dinner we had dinner at the home of a former missionary from Idaho who nows lives in Sweden.  He had friends come over and it was a fun time.  Also we found out that on Wednesday two people had been shot in that neighborhood and then today we found out that there was another shooting yesterday during the day! Kinda crazy stuff, but I know that I'll be protected.

Saturday we had our baptism and we had actually planned in faith that Petter would be ready and we scheduled it for 3.  But with the YSA activity they just randomly scheduled a time that would be best and they chose 2, we were pretty excited that we were so close to our planned time.  We drove their with our ward mission leaders but kept getting lost so the baptism actually happened a little after 3!  One of those missionary planning with faith stories.  

Sunday, yesterday, the only cool highlight was that we met some guys in church who were backpacking across Europe.  Both were RM's and had gone to Norway and Slovakia!  One had dreadlocks and the other had a huge beard.  They were cool guys!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and blessings and emails and such!  It is great to have such a supportive and loving family!  Love you all and miss you!  


Äldste Ward

Swedish kebab pizza, Andy said it was good.

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