Thursday, November 7, 2013

October 21, 2013

Dear Family,

Great to hear from all of you as always!  Mom and Dad that is really cool that you guys are in New Orleans.  It sounds like a cool place, that has good and bad parts.  It's cool that they still have a lot of French stuff from back when the French ruled that area (I see some of the flags inside the picture of the old cathedral).  That is cool that Brad and Jess got married down there.  That would be a neat place to have a wedding.  I think I would like to try a beignet, they still sound pretty good even if a maple bar would be better.  Maple bars are hard to compete with :). All that seafood that you guys are having sounds really good!  I'm sure there are some decent seafood places here in Gothenburg, but so far I haven't really looked for them.  Talking about baked goods reminded me of something I really like here in Sweden.  They bake pretty good bread and donuts.  I guess its a European thing to have really good bakeries or maybe I just didn't try enough stuff from the bakery back home, but it's good here.  And just so you know I am not eating from the bakery a ton hahaha just the few times I have been able to eat some stuff freshly baked it has been good!  And that sounds like a lot of fun having the Pankratz come down to hang out with you guys!  Tell them hi for me haha.  

That is very exciting that Zach had his farewell yesterday!  And yes I have been able to talk to him a little, which was great.  I am sure he is going to be a great missionary down in the Philippines!  I have also been able to hear from Eric.  He told me he just past his year mark and few weeks ago and that they use a ton of facebook and his was the first mission for every missionary to have iPads!  Our president has told us at the beginning of next year we are going to get iPads so hopefully that is what happens! 

Dad, as always, thanks so much for all the sports news.  That is great that Utah State got back on track and beat New Mexico. It is too bad that Utah lost!  What's their record now? Actually what are all the teams records?  The good thing about BYU winning is that it just makes Utah look better :)  Good news about Michigan winning and keeping their home streak! Also that is really cool that Gallon broke the B1G record for receiving yards!  It is god to hear that the Tigers had a good season finishing just short of the world series. Hopefully they're still good when I get back.  I don't know if I have told you guys this, but a ton of people here wear Yankee hats and American flags on their shirts and stuff, because I think they think it is cool to look American.  Apparently when you ask them about the Yankees or whatever they have no idea what you're talking about hahaha.

A little news from Sweden.  It is getting kinda cold here, and winter is coming!  There are lots of fall leaves and now it is getting pretty cold but no sign of snow yet.  However, I think it is going to be raining quite a bit over the next little bit so maybe it will make some snow!  From what I have heard it sounds like Sweden will be like Michigan weather, where it is mostly cold with not too much snow, and it doesn't snow that much before Christmas.  It reminds me of one Christmas we had in Michigan where it rained. :) 

Week highlights-

We went to the gym twice this week!  We have an investigator that is super into lifting and working out so we scheduled to go with him and a less active guy, but the first day it only worked out with going with the less active guy and that was on Thursday.  Then on Saturday we got to go with the investigator and the less active guy.  I was kinda nervous because my companion played football for Dixie and did a lot of lifting and the guys we were going with were pretty big guys.  However I did a pretty decent job and it was fun to get to work out and get stronger.  Hopefully we can continue to do that!   

Also this week we had an investigator who has done a ton of research of the Book of Mormon and had all these questions for us and some of them were crazy things that we had never heard about so that was fun.  We need to work on him praying to find an answer instead of trying to trust his intellect.  He had a bunch of reasons why it must be true and reasons that mean it might not be true with all these crazy stories of Joseph Smith he had found.  

I'm not sure what other highlights I have...I feel like its kinda boring to talk about the week but I'm sure its a little interesting for someone who isn't a missionary...but I don't know what else I want to say.  We did go to a huge store like the size of 2 Costco's called Gekås I believe.  So that was pretty cool and Allsop found a good suit there but they only thing I got was some candy bars.  Just so you guys know I have a ton of candy here now.  It takes me forever to eat it just like when I was home and would "hoard" candy because I would never eat it.  The same thing is happening here!!  

The language is coming along pretty good.  I can for the most part talk with people, but that Swedish accent still gets me a lot.  I am pretty comfortable speaking, it is just a little rough trying to understand everyone.  But it is good for the most part now. :)

I don't think there is anything else I needed to tell you guys other than that I love and miss you all!  I am thankful for your prayers and for all you do to help me.  Thanks for all the nice things you write to me!  Have a great week and I will keep working hard here!


Äldste P. Andrew (Andy) Ward

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