Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 4, 2013

**This week something happened with our email and it didn't get sent to Andy!  We didn't realize it didn't go through until we got his letter with this picture in it!  It made me so sad to think that he thought we didn't write to him!  We ended up sending it as soon as we realized, but I felt bad all morning. :(

Dear Family,

I hope you are all doing well.  The work is coming along great and the language is still improving, not perfect but I know so much more now than I used to.  Here are some highlights of the week:

First, last Monday we apparently had a level 3 hurricane warning, whatever that exactly means.  It was raining pretty heavily all day and then stopped at around 3.  The storm was supposed to come at 5 and that is when the whole city shut down (buses and trams).  Instead it didn't rain or anything at all until 8:30 when a windy rainstorm came in.  We were making fun of the level 3 hurricane for a while because it was so ridiculous how many people told us to watch out for the big storm that was coming.  Also the next day the headline of the main newspapers was "The Chaos!" (but in Swedish) and had some pictures of firemen running around in the rain.  The whole thing was funny haha.

We also got to watch some NFL this week!  Which of course I loved.  One of the members usually invites a bunch of his friends to come over and watch some football with him so we all thought it would be a great idea to go and see if people are interested in a non intruding way, I guess.  Unfortunately, the night was planned sort of quickly and so a bunch of people canceled last minute and it ended up just being us and the member watching football.  It was still fun but we decided to leave after watching about a half.  It was still really fun to watch some football!

This week we taught a guy who works with helping people who have drug problems and he is from Seattle actually and really old now but he told us that once in Seattle he found out that someone had these drugs or something and one of the gang leaders had a 25,000 dollar price for his death!  Luckily it all worked out but I thought that was pretty crazy.

Our assistant ward mission leader, a really nice guy who just got his mission call to come and serve in Sweden actually, took us to the grave sight of the first 2 missionaries to die in Sweden (in 1890 and 1898).  It was really cool to see the old grave and we put candles on the grave, which is something all the Swedes do for their ancestors or something at a time around halloween or some holiday they have I think.  

I hope you are all doing great at home and had great weeks!  Dad that is so cool that you got to see Taylor!  I'd like to talk to him again! I just remember us always playing in the hall in between our apartments on the 13th floor.  I love you and miss you guys!


Äldste Ward

PS Here is a picture that my companion decided to send home and I thought I would also send it home :) 

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