Thursday, February 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Dear Family!  

This week was a pretty good week!  It finally got cold up here and oh man it got really cold!  Today while we were driving I broke my cold record because it was -32.5 degrees celsius which is -26.5 degrees fahrenheit!   But some highlights were that we had splits with the zone leaders in Umeå this week which was good.  The elder I went with was really good and taught me a lot and how to be better and how to better interest people that you talk to tracting and on the street.  

Also this week we traded cars with the Umeå elders.  I don't know if I have told you guys but we have a car because our area is so big (I found out it is bigger than the state of Vermont!).  Anyway that was exciting because we had to name the car (of course).  Our first cars name was Molly, after the name of a famous Swedish singer, and then the new one is named Veronica after another famous Swedish singer hahaha.  So far Veronica has been much better hahaha.  That is probably really boring but in exciting news today for p-day we went up to the Arctic Circle!  It was freezing but now its cool to say that I have been there!  We also visited a tiny little town called Jokkmokk and tried looking for some cool Sami stuff but we couldn't really find anything.  Me and elder Clawson both want sami knives like with a bone for the handle.  We will keep looking but no luck today.  ALSO today driving we saw some reindeer!! We both thought it was awesome to see them, but wish we could have gotten some pictures. :(

It is pretty cold up here and snows a lot.  We have driven across the river a few times but they didn't have any cones.  It is getting a little lighter which is so great!  I am kinda sick of it being dark all the time and never seeing the sun because it is always either rising or setting and never gets high.  

I will make sure to tell Victoria Wirtala that you guys loved the email!  She and her family are all so nice.  They actually have a son on a mission in England right now so they probably understand how you guys feel!  But I haven't gotten your package yet but thanks so much for sending me those things!  

And no I am not really speaking any French, the only people who I speak French with our the new converts Fxxxx and Oxxxxx and then also Dxxx.  So I read a chapter in French in the Book of Mormon with Fxxxx and I say prayers in French and I can understand a majority of what they say but their English is better than my French so I'm not really using it.  And no we haven't seen the northern lights yet.  Me and Elder Clawson are hoping that we see them!  But we didn't plan very well today so now I am out of time to email so I need to go now but love you all and so great to hear that you all are doing well still even though things are still always busy!  I hope Abby keeps doing well getting ready for the ACT and I hope that she beats me because she deserves it!  I have absolute trust that she is going to do great hahaha.  I also hope Jake and Estee keep doing well with skiing and basketball and kumon and swimming and playing with friends!  Love and miss you guys and you're in my prayers! 


Elder Ward/ Andy

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