Thursday, February 13, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey Guys!

Wow it sounds like everyone had a busy/fun week so I guess like usual!  Dad told me his schedule and he sounds busy as ever which is completely normal for him.  I love you all and hearing about how things are!  

This week was a pretty interesting one, and it has gotten a lot colder :/  -20 celsius doesn't feel too bad now (like it is now in Luleå) but -30 is kinda cold!  This p-day we haven't done anything cool but we did get haircuts from a guy from the middle east today.  He said that he thinks English is the best language and wants to learn it.  It reminded me how many people love the English language and America.  It is crazy really.  Everyone reallly loves it and anyone that doesn't like it just jealous according to what Swedes have told me and what I've seen.  I just remember how many teachers and stuff all said that Europeans think that Americans and America is so dumb and stuff but like that is not how it is at all!  I see more Yankee hats and American flag shirts here than I do home!  Like everyone in the world wants to learn English as well.  Anyway from this perspective it makes me grateful to think that I was born in that great land and I see that God really has poured out blessings on it.  

But also this week we decided that we better start sharing the car with the sister missionaries in Luleå.  Even though there is a bus system in Luleå that works pretty well it is pretty cold out!  So we have had to walk around Boden while it is COLD hahaha.  We went over to teach one of our investigators named T who lived across town and we thought that we could just walk there.  Well it was an hour walk both ways and got pretty cold.  It also exhausted us so luckily it was the last thing that we did that night.  

But other people we are teaching...S is a guy from Nigeria who we tracted into and he has been willing to read the Book of Mormon and learn about the church.  He is a nice guy and I think he has potential to be baptized soon!  He is busy but is continuing to read!

Also we have been teaching a lady named G.  She is an immigrant from the middle east and we use skype with a member in Stockholm who knows English, swedish, and arabic so she can translate for us.  G says that she feels that the church is true and the Book of Mormon is also true but she lives in Boden so it is way hard for her to come to church and her husband doesn't like us...but those are the primary 3 people we are teaching so feel free to pray for them.  

Also a last little highlight that I have is we took some boiling water and threw it outside and instead of turning into solid ice it just all turns into snow.  It was pretty dang cool hahahaa!  I got a cool video that I will have to try to send you.  

But that is cool about the random connection we have to the new president.  Its a small world!  And how neat that one of the new missionaries' family is moving into our new ward!  Again it is a small world.    

But I love you all and miss you all and love to hear from you!  Good luck in all that you guys do and have a great week!  


Äldste Ward/ Andy

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