Thursday, February 13, 2014

January 2, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow it sounds like you all had a fun week!  It is always so great to hear from you and all the neat things you are doing!  It was very fun for me to skype with you guys too and the time really flew so I guess that is a pretty good indicator that it was really fun (time flies when you're having fun)!  

I haven't been getting too homesick this holiday season, which is good.  It just feels different and I look forward to spending a Christmas season with you, but it is a very cool and unique experience I get to have hear in Sweden! Thank you for always caring for me and thinking and praying for me.  

On Christmas Day we were with that family for pretty much the entire day.   They were so nice and talked with us the whole time and seemed to enjoy it but we all loved it!   

That is so great that they Jorgensen family party was a success!  I bet I missed out.  That is so funny that Daniel and his girlfriend came with the Spaniards!  That sounds like a really cool party.   Does Grandma remember that I am on a mission in Sweden? Or does she still get excited everytime that you tell her?  How are her and grandpa doing healthwise?  

On New Year's Eve we got to go to a family's house and ate a ton of food with them (steak and potatoes :) and then at midnight got to go see the firework show in Luleå city.  It was cool and I recorded the whole thing, if you guys want maybe I could dropbox it to you.  And yes the dropbox works perfectly and it is great to see those pictures and videos!

And I haven't bought any vitamin d pills, but maybe I could find them somewhere...Actually how about if its not too much you can send them if you guys want me to have them hahaha. :)

But a little about the week I guess, I can't really think of anything cool that we did.  We have been teaching people and trying to find people who are interested.  Lately it also hasn't been too cold, like around 32 degrees F.  I feel like I have been getting fat up here with all the food that we have been given and then all the candy that we've got.  But know that I am doing good and trying to do my best and hoping that it gets lighter up here soon!  I am glad that you guys liked all the candy that I sent!  Did anyone like the "Fisherman's Friend"?  I don't think they are very good....but the other one's are way good!  Have everyone tell me their favorite so for their birthday I will have some ideas :)

I love you all so much and miss you and pray for you and hope the best for all of you!  I hope that things are as good as they sound there because they sound awesome.  Have a great half week and I will talk to you on the 6th (next monday).


Äldste Ward

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