Monday, March 3, 2014

February 10, 2014

Dear Mom, Dad, Abby, Jake and Estee,

It sounds like it was a typical busy week for all of you!  The transfer went great and my new companion is really great.  I think I told you he is Danish, so that is pretty cool and then I also found out he won the Danish junior weightlifting competition or something.  So far I have really enjoyed working with him and I think we are going to get a lot of work done.   And yes I am the district leader for the area now so pretty exciting I guess!  And no we didn't see the northern lights my last night in Boden sadly.   We did get to walk on the ice on the Luleå river that flows into the ocean and it was pretty neat.  For my last Monday there the Branch President, David Newell (son of the mission president) invited us over for dinner with their family and then on Tuesday another American living up here for work for a bit took us out to dinner so my last few days in Boden/Luleå were spent well :)  

We had no idea the olympics were going on but good that Sweden is doing good!  Go Sweden and US!  I do remember watching them when I was little.  Always so exciting to be cheering for the US athletes I hope all my siblings like it too! :)

Good that Estee has been having fun with friends and that she was so advanced in her lego engineering class!  That is really funny that the teacher could apparently tell that Estee had done it before because she was so smart basically :)  I also really liked her picture that she drew at church!  So funny :) Keep up the great work Estee!  I love and miss you! :)

And nice that Jake had a blast skiing in great powder and that he has been having fun with friends!  I hope basketball is still really fun!  I love and miss ya!

Well good news that Abby has continued to do great in her busy life but too bad she had those 3 cavities that caused anxiety for her! haha I hope all is well and she is still on path to destroy my ACT score and all her AP tests!  How is ole McDonald treating you?  I love you and miss you!

Well a little about Täby.  It is a very nice area.  Like nicest houses in Sweden that I have seen.  (even though they houses aren't even as nice as one's that you see all around town but houses here are just so expensive and everyone lives in apartments so you can tell that it is one of the richer areas.   This was a little harder week because there aren't really any investigators yet who we are working with so we have been swinging by old investigators and talking to everyone along the way and trying to find people who are interested!  I haven't ever talked to this many people before so we are working out how to get better and better but it has been really good already.  Täby is a little north of Stockholm but the train public transportation system is way good here so it isn't a long trip to central Stockholm!  Also we have gone through Täby Centrum (like downtown Täby) a few times and it has a really nice mall there which is neat.  

But a cool little story I could share is last night we were walking home and we wanted to try to talk to 2 more people to reach our goal for number of people we talk to.  We were about 2 blocks from home and said a prayer to try to find 2 more people.  After that we tried walking a longer way home but didn't see anyone so we decided to knock a door and they said they weren't interested so we kept walking and were almost home when we saw a lady at the bus stop across the street from our house and then as we got closer another lady was crossing the street and so she came across and we talked to her and it turns out she was friends with the lady who we had seen sitting at the bus stop and we talked to both of them and the one who had been walking across the street was pretty interested and asked what we believe in and stuff and so we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon and pray!  It was really cool to see that our prayer was answered.

Well I love you all so much and miss you and hope you have a great week!  You all are in my prayers!


Äldste Ward/ Andy

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