Monday, March 3, 2014

March 1, 2014

Dear Family,

This week was a pretty good week.  Some people we were working with are J, from Cuba.  He has a lot of interesting thoughts about religion but loves to talk to the missionaries!  Also there are two ladies from Ghana who we have been teaching.  There names are L and B and they are religious but don't really want to read the Book of Mormon.  They are nice.  Also there is a young couple who the wife broke her foot and they have a puppy who always wants to be out so we got to take it on a walk this week and we hope to help out and take it on more walks when we're in the area haha.  L is a Swedish guy who is progressing relatively well and actually came and checked out the church this week and we gave him a little tour of it and so he got to see it.  We hope he will come to sacrament next week!  One more guy who we have been working with is T.  He has been investigating the church for a long time (his wife is a member) but is really nice and is reading the Book of Mormon now, which is really exciting.  Those are some of the people we got to meet with during the week.

Also some other news from the week was that we got two more assistants to the President this week so they will be living in the mission office where Elder Held and I had been living but they decided that 8 people was too much for one apartment so we will be living in a different part of Stockholm actually really close to the temple (one train stop away) but it is a long trip back to Täby everyday, about an hour.  They are hoping it will be a short time until the new apartment is ready near Täby Centrum for us to move in, but they have been waiting on it since we first got here at the beginning of last month!  

But to answer your questions the weather here this week has been pretty boring actually.  It has been cloudy and a little rainy and then even snowed last night a little bit.  I haven't been able to go to the temple yet, it is closed on mondays so we can't go for on p-day.  The language is coming along very well actually.  It is sometimes hard to understand everything if you can't ask questions to clarify or if you are tired and can't focus but most the time I can understand!  I also received some nice compliments about the language this week, including a lady that said that I sound Swedish it just takes a little more time for the words to come out hahaha.  I am so grateful that I have been blessed to at least sound ok sometimes!  My favorite area that I have been to so far is hard to answer.  But I would probably say Västra Frölunda in Göteborg.  The missionary work there was great, I was there in a nice part of the year, the ward is nice, my companion was great (well I am happy to have been with all my companions everywhere I've gone), and the area is really neat in central Göteborg!  But I have been to some fun places, and I am sure that each one would be absolutely beautiful to visit in the summer.  Each really has some really cool things about it.  

I am glad to hear that you all had such a great week.  Fun that it was the best ski day that Dad has ever had up at Beaver Mountain and that everyone else thought it was awesome too! And fun that you got to go to the Bluebird with everyone and then visit Grandma and Grandpa Jorgy and Jared.  Also exciting that Mom you got a new calling in the Young Women's, that will be fun to be with Abby!  How was it to see all the "Swedish missionary moms"? That sounds like it would be pretty fun to meet all of them.  The picture you sent looks like you are sitting next to a sister in my MTC group because she looks like her haha!  But good luck Estee with your piano lessons, you will love it!  Also have fun at Disney on Ice!  Jake keep it up with skiing and basketball!  How tall are you now? Abby great work with school and good luck on the ACT!  You will do such a great job!  Also Mom and Dad enjoy your trip to Hawaii!  I am jealous!

I was able to do some more family history this week, but I will have to tell you all about that next week because I am out of time haha. But I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!  I miss you and hope you know that you are in my prayers!  

Love, Äldste Andy Ward

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