Monday, March 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Dear Family,

Great to hear that you are all busy and doing well!  You will all still be in my prayers with all you are doing!  This week was a fun last one in Boden in the Luleå branch.  President did call me and "confirmed" the transfer plans and I will be going down to Täby this Tuesday and Elder Clawson will be getting a new missionary to train.  I am excited, but of course a little sad to leave this neat place in the far north.  I still haven't seen any northern lights so pray that they will come out tonight! haha.  My new companion will be Elder Held, and he is from Denmark.  I will also be living in the mission office with the secretaries and the assistants to the president, and actually the new secretary is Elder Ogaard, my old companion from Karlskrona.  We will only be living there until they get our apartment ready in the area (they had to just buy a new one).  I think Täby will be a really cool area to be at (just like my other ones have been) and living in Stockholm will be great.  

This week was a fun one because we got news that somehow the car had no oil pressure in the engine and it will take 3-4 weeks to fix...We were a little sad that the car will be out of commission for so long in a city where there are basically no buses.  So we have been walking around everywhere and luckily it hasn't been too cold of a week as well.  The farthest walk we had to go was about 5 kilometers to go visit our investigator, T.  However we have been taking buses to get to Luleå and back for church and such.  But I think I will do a little review of our week day by day:

Monday- P-day and the car broke and we had a good p-day and then spent the rest of the day getting home and having dinner...not very eventful.

Tuesday- every Tuesday we do this open church thing where we are at the church and have it open for people that maybe walk in and are interested.  That takes almost all day but we were able to go by this one really nice guy in the branch who has autism, and so socially it is hard for him sometimes and so we have permission to play video games with him! (and don't worry we've only gone over there twice haha) We went by him and played some wii and then nothing else eventful that day.  

Wednesday-  we went and taught this old guy who has been taught for a while named L, hopefully he can soon realize the truthfulness of our message.  We also taught a less-active couple, who because they both have Asbergers they don't really like all the social interaction at church, so hard for them to come.  Also walked to T's and taught him and he said that he must drive us home because his car should work because it wasn't too far to drive. Moral of story though is that it was like the craziest drive of our lives hahaha.  T is an old guy and it was like driving in one of those cartoons where all these crazy things are about to run into the car or something but the car just barely avoids it all, like a Donald Duck cartoon or something hahaha.  

Thursday- We were going to go on a 3 hour bus ride to go help a family in the branch deep clean their house, but they said actually it would be done by the time we got we didn't end up going and through together a district meeting.  

Friday-  We went and tried to find this one investigator but we couldn't.  Also walked to go visit another old investigator and found him and taught him and scheduled a time to come back and visit him next week.  Also taught our good friend O, who lived in the same apartment building.

Saturday- Again tried to look for this investigator.  Went and swung by some other peoples homes, taught Sidney, who is progressing well and that was all that was eventful.

Sunday-  Went to church and it was good.  Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon in French with O before church and also got invited to dinner by the Phillip's.  They are both American and just with his job had to move to Sweden for a few years.  He is from Taylorsville and she is actually from Cottonwood Heights and went to Brighton!  Apparently her sister was a senior when I was a sophomore...small world.  They were really nice and then we came back and went and taught this one guy named B with his friend, Brother Dahlqvist, who is a member.  We taught the Plan of Salvation because B's dad is dying right now.  And that was our week! 

Also I have been wanting to get better with talking to people wherever I go and on the street so I was thinking while we were walking on Friday and I thought that maybe I can just start saying hi to everyone.  I said hi to this man that was the first person I saw after this and he proceeded to ask all sorts of questions about the church and we told him, and he was talking so fast that he said goodbye before he would give him a card or anything!  I thought it was a cool experience and clearly not a coincidence!  

I have found a copy of Parley P. Pratt's autobiography in the apartment and finished it this week.  It is an amazing book about a great man.  Parley Pratt was one of the 12 apostles and served like 25 years of missions of his life (he only lived to the age 50!), he was imprisoned with Joseph Smith in Missouri and had many different experiences in his life.  I just think that you guys should read it if you ever get the chance.  I learned so much from reading it!

That is great that Jed got baptized this week.  Great for him!  And that was lucky to avoid that 29 car pileup too!  Also I am glad to hear that Estee is enjoying her busy schedule and Jake as well (except maybe a little more skiing involved :) ) Also congrats on the basketball win and great play by Jake! Oh and me and Elder Clawson both think that engineering with legos sounds like the coolest class ever.  Estee will have to send some pictures!  Also good to hear Abby is still busy :) and that she is going to the dance with Chris and has made a new friend in the ward!  I guess she knows exactly how hard it is to move to a new ward :) how nice of her.  Mom, keep up the great work holding everyone's worlds together hahaha.  I'm sure you're used to the busyness!  Dad, I hope you feel better and hope that work doesn't get too stressful :)  Hope you start to feel better.  And yes I remember those terrible sores I got!  That was terrible hahaha.  

And in case I don't get the chance to email Grandpa for all the nice things he sent me (a christmas package, emails, etc) thank him for me!  I love him!  Also any word for Jake Christensen's email?  Maybe Abby can sneak to our old ward some Sunday and get it hehehe :)

I love you all so much and miss you and am so excited for all the things you are doing!  You're in my prayers always and have a great week!


Elder Ward/ Andy

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